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    OCR Customer Support

    Welcome to the Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia community for London, South-East, and East of England.

    This is an area you can ask questions to OCR and meet your colleagues who are delivering or thinking of delivering the redeveloped Cambridge Nationals from September 2022.

    Subject Advisors

    Our team of subject advisors for this qualification are:

    • Vinay Thawait
    • Neil Hateley
    • Ceredig Cattanach-Chell
    • Connor Toms

    Regional Support

    Our team of regional Customer Support Managers provide dedicated administration support, regional teacher networks and Cambridge Nationals administration training:

    • London: Assad Razzaq
    • South East: Alison Leather
    • East of England: Nikki Claydon

    If you need help and advice when choosing Cambridge Nationals, our regional Customer Development Team are here to help:

    • London: Sharon Gibbons
    • South East: Simon Gaffoor
    • East of England: Sharon Kaur

    Please feel free to post any questions you have below and introduce yourself to your colleagues. If you have contacted us before through our Customer Support Centre, you will already have a log in for this community. Just click “Sign in” and then “Get a password”. If not, just click “Sign up”

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  • Jack Greengrass

    Hi all

    I am new teacher to iMedia and am super excited to get started. I am currently in the process of creating a scheme of work for my school and have unpicked most of the content on the specification. Even so, I do have some questions, and if someone could take some time to sift through them I would be eternally grateful.

    In regards to submission deadlines for the NEAs I have struggled to find exact dates online. From what I can see there is a spring deadline and a summer deadline. I have also seen some dates that have been floated around as well, and I think they might be the deadlines for the spring and summer deadline respectively, 10th Jan and 15th May. Would anyone be able to confirm this please?

    Also with the NEAs are they to be completed in lesson time, as per the school time table? Or would they be completed similarly to art exams where they have two days worth of exams, six hours each day?

    For each NEA there is a duration that is given to the set assignment, does that mean that they can only work on their assignment during the allocated time? Or can they work on it at home?

    If some of these questions seem painfully obvious I am sorry. For someone who hasn't taught this course before I am struggling to wade through the information in the specification. Though I am enjoying it!

    Many thanks

    Jack Greengrass (Mr GG)

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  • OCR Customer Support

    Hi Jack Greengrass

    Thanks for your post, I am glad you are enjoying preparing for the new course! Please see below:

    Submission deadlines 

    There are two moderation series a year, January and June. The deadlines for you to submit the marks to us are provisionally 10 January for the January series and 15 May for the June series. These are the dates for the current qualifications and are not expected to change for the new qualifications. We will confirm full admin details shortly but these are not expected to change.

    Timetabling the NEA

    The NEAs should be completed in normal lesson time, you don’t need to schedule specific sessions as they are not considered external assessment (exams) – they come under coursework rules.

    NEA duration and working from home

    The duration is the approximate time the student will take to complete all of the tasks. It is not a hard limit, they don’t have to stop after the allocated time, but if they are taking considerably longer (or shorter) than the approximate duration given, it may be the student didn’t quite understand the brief and what they are expected to produce. The spec also asks you to make sure it is fair and consistent to all students.

    For R094 (Visual identity and digital graphics) this is approx. 10-12 hours and the optional units (R095-R099) approx. 12-15 hours.

    Students cannot work on the assignment at home. It is not exam conditions (you don’t have to take down posters etc) but they need to be supervised.

    Hope this helps, any more questions feel free to post them here.


    Customer Service & Support


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  • Jack Greengrass

    Hi Peter

    Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it. The support that OCR have provided has been amazing!

    Kudos to you guys!

    Jack Greengrass (Mr GG)

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